Date06 February 2019

(1) "It must be remembered that "in a Court of equity, wrongful acts are no passport to favour" (as per Lord Uthwatt in Winter Garden Theatre (London) v. Millenium Productions (1948) A.C. 173 at p. 203). Again, as Edmund Davies, L.J. has rightly observed in Luganda v. Service Hotels Ltd. (1969) 2 W.L.R. 1056 at p. 1062, we "do not think this Court should assist those who have been shown prima facie to have trodden roughshod over the plaintiff’s rights." - Per Fatai Williams, J.S.C., in James O. Jegede v. Madam Alimotu L. Giwa & Ors. Suit No. 452/1975; (1977) 11 N.S.C.C. 203 at 207 - 208; (1977) 4 S.C. 121 at 131.


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