• What They Don''t Teach At Law School. Practical Approach to Law and Practice in Nigeria

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Taiwo Odumosu lectures at the Faculty of Law, Olabisi Onabanjo Uiversity (OOU).One of Nigeria''s prolific creative legal practitioners & honours graduate of the Faculty of Law,Ogun State University(now OOU)Ago Iwoye,was called to the Nigerian Bar,2000.He obtained his LL.M from OOU. He co-edited the Report of Supreme Court Cases etc.)


This book seeks to ensure that our learned friends/lawyers fresh from the Nigerian Law School have a procedural guide they can consult at short notice to get to their procedural destinations in the law courts. Besides, there are some of our colleagues in the corporate world who could no longer find their ways in the tapestry of the legal world when they retire from their corporate jobs or for one reason or the other quit their jobs. This book should be a useful tool for them.

MATERIAS: Practical approach, Procedures, Precedents, forms, Law and Practice