• Legal Framework for Sustainable Exploitation of Natural Gas in Nigeria. Towards the reduction of gas flaring in Nigeria

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Owunari Emmanuel Bob-manuel is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, a renowned author and a prolific writer.He has a masters degree in Environmental Law and sustainability from the University of Kingston, London,)


Over the years, modern international environmental law has gradually evolved into a widely recognized branch of international law, which can be compared to international trade law and the law on human rights as regards the level of progression it has taken. However this book focuses mainly on international environmental law as it affects the Nigerian environment and it reveals the dilemma faced by the Nigerian governments in its various attempts of curbing the gas flaring conundrum. Historically, Nigeria is popularly known as an oil producing nation, it produces about two million barrels of crude oil per day and is ranked among the eleventh producer in the world. In addition to its crude oil reserves, Nigeria is greatly endowed with abundant reserves of natural gas, this was discovered by experts who encountered gas in their search for oil. These resources have turned out to be a gift and a curse, in terms of economic benefit and environmental issues respectively. This book deals with the treatment of climate change in terms of reducing gas flaring and the possibility of successfully utilizing this gas, in striving to achieve sustainable development.

MATERIA: International Environmental Law