• Evolution Of Anti Corruption Agencies And Laws In Nigeria

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dr. Fatima Waziri – Azi, has a Masters of Law Degree from St Thomas University School of Law Miami - Florida U.S.A and a Doctor of Juridical Science Degree (PhD Law) from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Pennsylvania State, U.S.A. Her interest lies in International Human Rights.)


Corruption is not a novel concern in the world today, it is an everyday occurrence in countries throughout the world, whether developed or under developed. It has become a global phenomenon and no country is completely corrupt free. However, corruption is apparent in some countries than others because those countries with less corruption have learnt to manage it than others by putting the necessary checks and balances in place and curbing the opportunities which brings rise to corruption while others have either not figured it out or lack the political will to do same. This book explores the role of law in challenging and curbing public corruption in Nigeria through the use of anti corruption agencies and laws. More broadly, this book examines and analyzes the progression of anti corruption agencies in Nigeria, past and present.

MATERIAS: Human rights, Corruption, Nigeria, ICPC, EFCC, CCB, Anti Corruption Agencies