• A Legal And Regulatory Perspective To Sustainable Gas Development. Sustainable Gas Development in Nigeria with Lessons from Alberta

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Orieji Kalu Onuma is a Nigerian lawyer with an LL.M in Energy Natural Resources and Environmental Law from the University of Calgary. In addition to being a 2011 Research Fellow with the Canadian Institute of Resources Law, she has practiced, researched natural resources law and sustainability, and taught International Environmental Law.)


The status of natural gas in the global energy mix, Nigeria’s extensive reserves, the marked under-development, under-utilization, waste and environmental challenges associated with Nigeria’s gas sector make an examination of gas development in Nigeria imperative. This book, using sustainable development as a theoretical framework, examines what it will take to develop a sustainable legal and regulatory framework for gas in Nigeria. It demonstrates how the concept of sustainable development can be integrated into practical decision-making. It uses conservation, an aspect of sustainable development, as a foundation for arriving at evaluative criteria for determining a sustainable legal framework for gas development. It then evaluates and compares Alberta and Nigeria’s legal and regulatory frameworks for gas development against the backdrop of the identified criteria to demonstrate what a sustainable regulatory system for gas development should encompass.

MATERIAS: sustainability, Sustainable Development, Law, Conservation, Nigeria, natural resources, natural gas, Alberta, oil and gas, Non-renewable natural resources