• A Comparative Study of Female Criminality in Nigeria. Women and Crime

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(Ogunleye-Adetona a Geographer and lectures at the Department and Environmental Management, University of Ilorin, Nigeria. She is a recipient of UNDPF award for MA Pop Studies, Regional Institute for Population Studies, University of Ghana,and had her BSc, MSc and PhD(Geo.) University of Ilorin, Nigeria.)


Criminality among females which has been on the increase has been fostered and encouraged by cultural prejudice and domestic responsibilities which disadvantaged them from getting employed in stable and well paid jobs. Women however play a very crucial role of socialization in the overall national development process; hence their involvement in criminal acts will have negative impacts on the nation’s economic development. This prompted an examination of pattern of female criminality in Osun, Kwara and Niger states of Nigeria. The study revealed a high variability in the degree, pattern and trends of female criminality in the study area. For instance economic crime was prominent in Niger state. Violent crimes were prevalent in Osun state. Female criminality in Kwara state was however minimal. There is therefore a need to improve the socio-cultural status of female in the study area and in Nigeria as whole. Acquisition of higher educational qualifications, acquire in relevant vocation and entrepreneurial skills relevant to their social and cultural practices should be encouraged.

MATERIAS: female criminality, Socio-economic status, socio-cultural.